Printable Vacation Packing Checklist

Vacation Packing List
Money & Documents
 Addresses for sending postcards / e-mail
 Auto insurance card
 Business cards
 Copy of vacation packing list
 Driver's license / international driver's license
 Emergency numbers and embassy address
 Frequent flyer / frequent guest cards
 Paper airline tickets or e-ticket confirmation
 Passports and visas (if necessary)
 Photo ID
 Pre-paid phone card
 Travelers checks and receipt (keep separate)
 Vaccination certificates (if required)
 Vouchers / coupons / tickets
 Your itinerary
 Antibiotic cream
 Anti-diarrheal medication
 Birth control
 Bug repellent
 Cortisone 1% anti-itch cream
 Extra pair of eyeglasses
 For cruisers: Sea-sickness bands or pills
 Pain reliever
 Prescription medicines
 Cellphone and charger
 Digital camera, batteries, memory cards
 iPod / MP3 player and headphones, batteries
 Foreign-language dictionary or phrase book
 Journal / notebook and pen
 Maps and directions
 Mini-DVD player or DVD-capable laptop, DVDs
 Reading material
 Travel guide(s)
 Underwater camera
 Anti-bacterial wipes
 Bubble bath
 Currency converter
 Duct tape
 Krazy Glue
 Lint roller
 Luggage locks approved by TSA
 Massage oil
 Plastic Zip-Loc bags
 Playing cards
 Sports gear
 Travel alarm clock
 Travel candles
 Zip ties