Printable Hiking Packing Checklist

Hiking Packing List
Essential Gear
 Day pack or Fanny pack
 Water filter
 Water-purification tablets
 Water bottle(s)
 Headlamp or Flashlight
 Backup Fire Starter
 First-aid kit
 Knife / Multi-purpose Tool
 Insect repellent
 Boots / shoes adequate for terrain
 Extra laces
 Hiking socks
 Convertible nylon pants / shorts
 Fleece jacket
 Polypropylene underwear (shirt & pants)
 Wide-brimmed hat
 Long-sleeved shirt
 Hooded rain jacket and pants
 Keys & I.D.
 100-foot nylon cord
 Plastic garbage bags
 Resealable plastic bags
 Toilet paper
 Hiking Poles
 Lip balm (with sunscreen)
 Repair / sewing kit
 Pencil and paper
 Gadgets & Extras
 Camera and film
 Weather radio
 Field guides
 Hiking Books