Printable Camping Packing Checklist

Camping Packing List
Shelter  Utility
 Tent  Lantern with fuel or batteries
 Stakes, poles, mallet for pounding stakes  Extra lantern bulbs, flashlight bulbs
 Sand stakes (if you're camping near the water)  Flashlights
 Ground cloth: To put under tent  Battery-operated radio
 Tarps  Hatchet / folding shovel / folding saw / maul / bow saw
 Broom / dustpan  Bungee cords
 Sleeping  Duct tape
 Sleeping bags, sleeping pads or airbeds  Lantern funnel
 Pillows & extra pillowcases  Swiss army knife
 Sheets  Compass
 Extra blankets / comforters: For cold nights  Adjustable wrench & pliers
 Air mattress patch kit  Knot tying card
 Campfire  Nylon repair tape
 Matches or other flame starters  Scissors
 Fire starters, kindling  Rope / twine
 Heavy gloves  Sportsman's goop
 Wood  Seam sealer
 Hygiene  3/8" grommet kit
 Nail brush  Kitchen
 Toilet paper  Camp Stove & fuel
 Bath towels & washcloths  Cooler & ice
 Shower totes  Thermos
 Small mirror  Tablecloth & clips
 Solar shower  Can opener / bottle opener / corkscrew / scissors
 Biodegradable soap / shampoo  Utensils
 Toiletries  Plates / bowls / cups & mugs
 Clothesline & clothespins  Aluminum Foil
 First Aid / Safety  Trash bags (big & small)
 Cell phone  Paper towels
 Water filter  Pot holders
 Bug spray & citronella candles  Pots with lids (pack at least two)
 Calamine lotion  Frying Pan (cast iron is best)
 Lip balm  Funnel
 Rubbing alcohol  Big stainless steel bowl
 Sunscreen  Cutting boards (for both meats and vegetables)
 Instant cold pack  BBQ fork / spatula / tongs
 Hand sanitizer  Sharp knife
 Whistles  Antibacterial dish soap/biodegradable soap
 Eye wash  2 dish pans: One for washing, one for rinsing
 Eyeglass repair kit  Dish towels & dish cloths
 Safety pins  Entertainment
 Emergency blanket  Reading material
 Hydrocortisone  Ipod
 Gauze pads  Games / cards
 Tweezers  Toys
 Bandages  Glow sticks
 Antibiotic ointment & wipes  Frisbee / kites / other sports equipment
 Moleskin  Pen & paper / markers / crayons
 Tylenol / infant Tylenol  Musical instruments
 Q-tips  Camping chairs
 Safety pins  Nature
 Lifejackets  Binoculars / small telescope / water nets
    Fishing gear
    Nature guides
    Hiking packs
    Hiking boots