Printable Backpacking Checklist

Backpacking Packing List
The Basics
 Backpack (3,000 to 5,000 cubic inches)
 Sleeping bag (rated to 20 to 50F)
 Sleeping pad
 Two-person tent / tarp
 Eating and Drinking
 2 one-liter water bottles
 Water purification (filter, iodine, or bleach)
 Stove and fuel
 Wind screen (to protect the stove flame)
 Pot / pan with lid
 Waterproof matches and lighter
 Cup or mug
 Lightweight bowl and spoon
 Multi-tool or utility knife
 Scraper for cleaning pot
 Trail shoes, hiking boots (waterproof)
 Sandals and fleece socks
 Wool socks
 Sock liners
 Synthetic long-underwear bottoms and tops
 Synthetic shorts or convertible pants
 Synthetic / wicking t-shirt
 Rain / wind jacket and pants
 Wool or fleece jacket (or vest if warmer)
 Wool or fleece hat
 Wool / fleece gloves or mittens
 Directions, trail map, or guidebook
 Toilet paper in Ziploc bag
 Plastic potty trowel
 Extra Ziploc / trash bags
 Lip balm
 Hand sanitizer
 Toothbrush and toothpaste
 First-aid kit
 Pack rain cover or garbage bag
 Bear-bagging cord
 Optional Items
 Trekking poles
 Sun / rain hat
 Journal and pen
 Camera, film
 Ground cloth
 Duct tape
 Small strainer